Dark Matter Another View

dark matter map

In our study, On the State of Being, we suggested:

Here’s a bold speculative conjecture, can this Dark Energy be part of a Universal Intelligence, an Eternal Source that gives purpose to our very being? Just as our Eternal Self emits an aura, its Eternal Energy, may we consider likewise, this dark energy of the Cosmos represents the very essence of this Eternal Source and Intelligence?

Bold as this premise may seem, it does creates some interesting hypotheses that could very well explain the “God Element,” that special presence that gives dimension and purpose not only to our existence, reason and being, but to the total universe as well, bringing a new understanding to the physical-spiritual universe!

No one has an immediate answer to the purpose the Eternal Source has for our existence. However, being a part of that energy, we can sense it’s attachment to us by allowing the Intuitive Self to feel the Will of the Universe. Regardless of your belief, there is within us an innate understanding that we are part of something Greater, Infinite and Enduring. This is what drives us to seek answers and motivates our passions to move greater and greater into the unknown dimensions of the universe.

(On the State of Being:  Chapter Three, pages 52-23)

The mystery continues to amaze those who study the Universe and speculation abounds as to what makes up this unique presence.   Here is an article that expounds further on Dark Matter and even suggests its special intelligence that may compose it:  Dark Matter May Be More Complex

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